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25 key lessons Eric Schmidt taught us on Nasscom meet at NewDelhi



Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt stopped by in Bangalore and spent about 4 hours at the Google’s office in the city, talking to employees. Schmidt also met with senior government functionaries in Delhi, to talk about Google’ joint initiative with Nasscom and Microsoft India to help start-up companies in India.

Below are some Notes on Eric Schmidt Nasscom meeting at Delhi on 20.3.2013

  1. Don’t discount luck!!
  2. Get people smarter than you
  3. People underestimate the opportunity
  4. Indian telecoms don’t have enough capital
  5. 40% of Silicon Valley Startups have indian founders!
  6. Laws in India should be changed. That’s what indian govt should do
  7. Mobile is the next big thing!!! BUILD APPS!l!!
  8. YouTube does well in India despite bad bandwidth
  9. Whatever you do. try and expose your API so that others can build on it
  10. Google has changed ad units to suit new behavior
  11. People are addicted to their phones
  12. Eric says he doesn’t like software patents
  13. A software architect can make markets transparent – but protected
  14. Markets like art don’t want them!
  15. He learnt how to manage CASH
  16. DNROOC = do not run out of cash
  17. Find people as co-founders who you can have non egotistical arguments with!
  18. Larry focuses on recruiting
  19. Google acquires companies for talent!
  20. Envy. greed. wealth drive market creation!
  21. Great leaders can see what’s gonna happen AND COMMUNICATE what they see
  22. Entrepreneurs are BORN 🙂 difficult to train
  23. It’s very tough to get a job at google…
  24. Smart people respond to appeal!
  25. In business school, the mistake is to emphasize on money


Let us know if Eric’s comments have helped or motivated you in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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