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Deliverwithme – Crowdsourced Ecommerce Delivery Platform

DeliverwithmeIf you are a frequent flyer, then apart from the clocking air mile rewards, you can now also get free cab rides, free meals, coupons and goodies from brands. To earn such freebies – all you need to do is to carry verified eCommerce packages like shoes, apparels, books and accessories with Bangalore based platform DeliverWithMe.

All packages to be delivered by travelers are from trusted e-commerce merchants; and for smooth and hassle free operation, the platform has managers stationed in at airports or railway stations who will hand over and pick up packages from travelers. Deliverwithme currently offers this service between four cities – Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi; the plan is to test out waters here and then move to other cities.

How Deliverwithme works ?

1)      The user signs up on Deliverwithme and posts a trip with his or her contact details.

2)      Confirmation sms/email is sent one day prior to the journey to confirm.

3)      Deliverwithme manager hands over the package to the user at the airport/railway station.

4)      The user gives it back to another Deliverwithme manager at the destination.

In return, the user gets rewards, offers and vouchers from the close to 30 brands Deliverwithme has partnered with.


Meet the Founders

Co-founded by Anand Satyan, Rashid Dyussembayev, Baha Zhurkabayeva and Dauren Alipbayev – Deliverwithme takes a crowdsourced approach to resolve logistics issues faced by e-commerce delivery platforms. Crowdsourcing is a pretty popular concept and there are several platforms facilitating the same, be it the hospitality industry, logistics or retail.

To ensure security – the platform keeps the parcel box open when it gets it to the airport. “We show you what’s inside the box and then seal it in front of you before handing it over to you,” said Anand Satyan, co-founder, DeliverWithMe.

In case of theft or loss of package, DeliverWithMe provides partial or full compensation to the ecommerce merchant after due-diligence.

As of today, they only deliver clothes, books, apparels and accessories. Their clients include Flinto, Buythoughts and Dogspot, and they have signed up a couple more. While it presents a cost-effective and super-fast mode of delivery for the e-commerce merchants, the customers benefit from the rewards. On the other hand, it helps their partners to acquire new customers. They are also experimenting with a sampling model, where they will give free product samples to travellers and get feedback. Many merchants have shown keen interest in this.

Currently, they are a team of ten operating in four cities. They have bootstrapped their way so far and plan to raise funds very soon. In terms of revenue model, they charge the e-commerce companies for deliveries, but at a lower rate than a courier company. They want to add new cities and are also exploring the possibility of tapping the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities through bus and train deliveries.

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