Microsoft’s full-on offensive campaign against Google

Microsoft's offensive campaign against Google

Microsoft’s offensive campaign against Google

Microsoft just launched a full-on offensive campaign against Google for holiday shoppers called “Scroogled.” Looks like an opportunistic and desperate attempt by the software giant to tell people not to get screwed over by this holiday shopping season for its newly introduced shopping search feature.

The main reason of Microsoft’s campaign is to let the people know how Google is using paid Ads come on top though the user is searching for “relevant results”. Microsoft claims that its own search engine will never manipulate search results to earn advertising bucks!

Check the campaign website and tell us what do you think of it:


Microsoft further added



1. The Google practice of selling their shopping search results to a high bidder; known to produce intense anger in online shoppers who might miss out on the best price or the highest quality items.

2. Because Google Shopping only includes results from advertisers who pay them, some of the world’s largest retailers aren’t included.

3. The loss of money associated with a bad Google Shopping search result. Side effects of not getting the best price when you thought you were include sadness, frustration and overall indignation.

See also: bamboozled; befuddled; duped; flimflammed; hoodwinked; hornswoggled



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