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Startup Eventifier – Smarter way to archive event photos, conversations, tweets, videos & slides

Startup Eventifier

Mohammad Saud Bakhar, Nazim Zeeshan and Jazeel Badur Ferry founded a Startup Eventifier based out of chennai. Using the resident-accelerator model of The Startup Centre, chennai they have grown their customer base into 300  out of which 15 are paid customers.

Startup Eventifier


Startup Eventifier

The site is more or less similar to Pinterest in looks. Eventifier collates information about an event from social networking sites at one place.  Every event has a dedicated page for it and it provides a complete snapshot of the event with easy to browse past event data where anyone can get to know all the bits and pieces of info flowing around that event. And all this is done by the ‘Archive My Event’ button which upon pressed will give out an simple form for the user to fill.


Pricing Models

Their pricing models starts from $19 per event. The pricing model is categorized based on user need as professional, medium and standard. But we would really like to see them add in-depth analytic and statistical dashboard of user generated data around events which will greatly help event organizers. Lets us know your thoughts about Eventifier.




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