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India’s first Online Memorial portal – Shradhanjali.com

As per the founders of Shradhanjali.com, it is India’s first and only memorial portal. It helps us relive lives and memories of our parted loved ones. On this portal, you can make a complete page of your loved ones with biography, photos, videos, family details, condolence messages, background music and set birth and death anniversary reminders for relatives and pass on the legacy to our future generations.

But wait… its not free! The portal charges Rs 2700 towards the upkeep of the Online Memorial for a period of 5 years.

The start-up aims to preserve the memories of departed loved ones on a digital platform. Users can create archive of their ancestors or departed family members and upload information like biography, photos, videos, family details, social services etc.

They can also set birth and death anniversary reminders for relatives and pass on the legacy to the future generation.


Shradhanjali.com is India’s first memorial portal, a platform which enables us to relive the lives of our departed loved ones. One can share biography, photos, share videos, family and personal details, condolence messages, background music and set anniversary reminders for relatives and friends.

Shradhanjali.com was launched by Rajkot based Vimal Popat and Vivek Vyas in 2010.

Special features of Shradhanjali

  • SMS and email reminders on birth and death anniversaries to be sent to all relatives listed.
  • Anyone across the globe will be able to post condolence messages and pay tribute.
  • Choice of music piece on the profile page as background music.
  • Unlimited condolence messages with no content limit.
  • Multiple language options available in life journey.
  • Templates for condolence messages also available.

This Unique Service is available at an affordable one time price of INR Rs. 2700/*-(Two Thousand Seven Hundred) only which is as normal as charges of one day newspaper obituary column. It is important to note that the portal does not accept and publish any ads whatsoever and offers exclusive dedicated pages to the published profile mainly profile main page, life journey page, family details page, photo album page, video page.

Meet the founders

team-shradhanjali.com_-300x187Vimal is commerce graduate with a view to offer something exciting and useful to the society. He left the well settled job and took plunge into entrepreneurship. He holds in access of 12 years of experience into sales and man management and developing successful dealerships and agencies. His core expertise lies in concept development, execution, and testing.


Vivek is a first generation entrepreneur having 7 years plus experience in sales and training. He holds various professional qualifications and believes constant learning as a part of his professional life. His core competency lies in training, relationship management and network development.



The idea behind Shradhanjali

The portal was founded in June 2010 however, came into operations in early 2012. The idea came in fluke while having snacks as they were served on piece of newspaper obituary column page and they feel bit disturbed and sad & thought how it can be presented in some more respectable and presentable manner which also stays forever and can be accessed globally. This thought process leads to the birth of Shradhanjali.

The portal has been getting popularity from all over & to mention they have got appreciation letter from Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi.

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